From the Big Apple to the Beltway: What Michelle Obama May Wear from New York Fashion Week

Standout pieces from the First Lady's favorite designers

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Mohamed Elshahawy
Mohamed Elshahawy


Non-Muslims, please let me to clarify the reason of the Muslim youth's

raging anger during the past 48 hours. These protests and demonstrations

are a reflex to an extremely offensive and insulting Anti-Islam movie

that was produced in the United States of America by a crew of citizens

of the United States which sparked a state of madness of Muslims around

the world. Please be fair and positive, foster peace between nations by

demonstrating for making a law against defamation of religions in the

United States. and many other hateful actions that are not legally

banned in US like they legally ban and punish anyone insults or even

makes a doubt in the Zionism and Holocaust!! You can know more about Islam and The Final Messenger of God after Jesus (Peace Be Upon Him). "Islam In Brief" "The Empire of Islam" "Jihad On Terrorism" Please spread the word, just to let others know more about us ... building bridges instead of walls mixed with political wars


 mohamed, you live in a fantasy world......

islam is killing people in nigeria, sudan iraq, afganistan thailand, syria the philiipines and, of course, israel

you are also raping women and burning buildings throughout scandinavia....sweden is now "the rape capital" of europe....

so, don't give us this nonsense about "the offensive movie" being the cause of the problem. all this killing and raping has been going on for years....


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