Jennifer Aniston Debuts Blinding Engagement Ring

This really gives new meaning to "statement jewelry"

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Jason Thomas / Getty

Jennifer Aniston displays the engagement ring fiance Justin Theroux gave her in August

After getting engaged to actor Justin Theroux in August, Jennifer Aniston has finally given the world a look at her rock. The former “Friends” star was spotted in New Mexico on Saturday with Theroux and her almost-blinding bling. The gigantic ring seems to take up nearly a third of her ring finger—at least that’s how it looks to us from paparazzi snapshots—and is set on a thin gold band, which makes for a timeless, albeit imposing, look that fits Aniston’s casual, girl-next-door style.

Theroux’s single-stone betrothal ring is a world apart from the one Brad Pitt gave Aniston in 1999. That one was a Silvia Damiani-designed band with a stone surrounded by swirls of diamonds. Theroux’s ring actually reminds us more of the sparkler Pitt gave Angelina Jolie, which also has a more prominent central rock.

With such a statement engagement ring, we can’t wait to see what kind of wedding dress Aniston will wear down the aisle–if she releases any photos of it this time.

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I think Jennifer Anniston's Engagement ring is magnificent! To me it looks like a solitaire oval shaped diamond ring that has to be at least 7 carats. This is definitely one of the classiest and sophisticated rings I have seen!

Senior Pictures
Senior Pictures

Very nice ring.. It's really a unique design.. Thanks for share your engagement pics with us..


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