The Beauty of Youth: Vintage Kate Moss Photos Up for Auction

Three images from the British supermodel’s first ever sitting will be up for grabs in London at the end of November

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Kate Moss is easily one of the most photographed supermodels of all time. We’ve seen her walk the runway, front fashion and beauty campaigns and become a much-obsessed about street style icon. And just when we thought we’d seen Moss from every angle, three photographs from the supermodel’s first-ever sitting in October 1988 will go on sale Nov. 23 in London,where they are expected to sell for £800 – £1200 each. Bloomsbury Auctions is putting the signed prints of the fresh-faced ingenue on the block, and they offer a delightful glimpse of a 14-year-old Moss shortly after she was discovered at New York’s JFK airport on her way home from a Bahamas vacation.

In the photos, the iconic beauty appears youthful, but still poised, and her trademark features are already on display: wide-set eyes, a slightly crooked yet endearing smile. “She wasn’t trying to prove anything or act above her station,” photographer David Ross told The Telegraph of the sitting. “She was untarnished. A blank canvas, as other writers have put it.”

Moss has displayed extraordinary longevity for a model. After weathering criticism for her ultraslim “heroin chic” frame in the late ’90s, and a cocaine scandal in 2005, Moss has proven that she is a fashion force to be reckoned with. Now 38, she seems more in demand than ever; Forbes has named her the second-highest paid supermodel in the world, earning $9.2 million from May 2011–May 2012. A new book chronicling her career, Kate, was published earlier this month by Rizzoli.

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