The Ugg-ly Truth: The Most-Searched-For Holiday Gifts

Ugg boots stomped over the competition this holiday season

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Anyone who unwrapped a brand-new pair of Uggs this holiday season got more than a flashback to 2004; they also received the most popular present of 2012. The sheepskin boots topped Experian Media Services’ list of the most-searched-for products last year. It was an impressive feat for the polarizing brand, which became a holiday must-have some 10 years ago. Yet Ugg searches were more common than those for iPads, Kindle Fires, Beats by Dr. Dre headphones and Barbies. It ameliorated a dismal year for Uggs, which saw a 31% sales decrease, prompting talk of price reductions.

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Is Tom Brady that lucrative of a spokesman? Does Alexa Chung’s opinion matter but at all? Or is it more that the once trendy product has managed a resurrection to a level of guilty pleasure turned functional retro footwear whose price tag ($135 and up) still makes it a legitimate gift? Whatever the reason, it topped an impressive array of technology, proving that utility and plush thermal boots really can triumph over logic and crystal-clear digital tablet displays.

The top 10 gift searches were:

1. Uggs

2. Kindle Fire

3. iPad

4. Amazon Kindle

5. Barbie

6. iPad Mini

7. iPod Touch

8. Kindle Fire HD

9. Ugg Boots

10. Beats by Dr. Dre


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