11 Groundbreaking Fashion Magazine Covers

As Fei Fei Sun becomes the first Chinese model to appear solo on the cover of Vogue Italia, TIME looks at 10 other fashion magazine milestones

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Since she doesn't look like an Asian ethnics she doesn't pioneer anything at all. It's like some AfroAmerican artists do look like white people with too much tan just to circumvent racism.


  She doesn't look asian?! it's a joke? She actually has quite pronunced traits too: http://www.google.it/search?q=fei+fei+sun&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ei=LAd9UoekDeOg4gSj6oCYDg&ved=0CAcQ_AUoAQ&biw=1366&bih=628#imgdii=_



I am terribly sorry if I misinterpret your comment in any way.  

If I'm reading your comment correctly...are you saying that 1) Blacks try too much to look like Whites as models, and 2) that Whites try to tan to look 'more Black' as models?

If that's what you're saying, than I completely agree with you.  Sometimes, in order to appeal to a broader demographic (i.e. more viewers/potential clients), models/politicians/executives try to 'blend' their natural appearance with the existing population.

It's not in the world of modelling, but I remember when Mitt Romney went on a Hispanic talk show with SUCH obvious spray-on tan all over his face.  For a brief while, the media dubbed him, "Senor Romney."

It's an odd practice, but it certainly has the potential to enhance a candidate's/model's attractiveness.


@mrbomb13 @EnticingHavoc 

Exactly what I meant. For example : Hardly any black people in entertainment industry are wearing their natural hairstyle (contrary to what we saw in the 70s). Instead they fully go visual compliant with their white colleagues. Just to be mainstream. Guess Michael Jackson paved the way ...

In 10 years from now beauty industry will probably have developed a "UniFace". Perfectly matching the taste of the whole wide world. Everything blended nicely.


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