Kim Kardashian v. Kate Middleton: Who Has More Fashion Influence?

Designer Roland Mouret proves the "Kate Middleon effect" isn't always true

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Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge and Kim Kardashian in Roland Mouret designs.

Kate Middleton’s Midas touch in fashion has been well documented since she and Prince William announced their engagement in November 2010. Both high-end and mass fashion retailers are known to sell out of pieces within days of her appearance in them; one of Middleton’s favorite brands, Reiss, reported doubled operating profits in 2011 because of her support.

But in a new interview with British Vogue, French designer Roland Mouret says Middleton’s prowess is actually overrated. “You don’t see hundreds of women running around looking like her. To be honest, we’re more likely to get orders on a dress that Kim Kardashian’s worn,” he told the magazine.

Kardashian wears Mouret often. She most famously chose a skin tight red dress of his for the Marine Corps Ball in North Carolina last November, which resulted in this viral picture. The Duchess, meanwhile, chose a long, white dress by the designer for an event at Claridge’s Hotel in London last May.

It’s worth noting that Kardashian also sells her own designed clothing at Sears and QVC, which we can’t ever see happening with Kate, though a Royal discount chain clothing line is fun to imagine. The Duchess also reportedly returned Kardashian Kollection samples that Kim had mailed her.

As Mouret explains, the Duchess purposely avoids outfits that will cause a “tabloid frenzy” and once even asked the designer to loosen a dress so it wouldn’t fit as tight (for comparison’s sake, it’s hard to imagine Kardashian making such a request). “She doesn’t want a bottom situation like Pippa had,” he said.

That would be an understatement.

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comparing kardasian with anyone give her what she wants publicity.did not expect TIME to fall into that bait.


wow nothing else to write about.TIME trying not to go the Newsweek way and printing such useless crap.


Perhaps Kim is the underdog here, but I think she's (more than) okay.

VictorGrey 1 Like

Are you kidding me? You all are comparing a strumpet to the future Queen of England? ALOT of my British friends WOULD NOT take that well. Kate is pure class and Kim is pure trash. Kate acts like a royal while the Kardashian family is a royal pain in the ass. Feifei, please tell me Time mag forced out to write this and it wasn't of your own free will??? 


Time, Time, Time how you disappoint me.  How dare you compare anyone to Kim.  She is the garbage of the human race.  Kate and Kim only thing they have in common this the first letter of their name.  How dare you compare them.

LauraIsambert 2 Like

Kim looks like a hooker and acts like a tramp. How can you even discuss them in the same breath? Kate has 10 times the class of the Kardashians. When I saw her clothing line in Sears, I thought I was in Fredrick's of Hollywood. Kim and her clan have no class at all, and it's sad to think anyone is emulating them. Shame on you writer!!

SoniaCheesman 1 Like

SO?? Another arrogant french at his best! Time, i thought you're a better journalist than this!!

IliaPonomarenko 2 Like

I think there's nothing to be discussed - our English beauty takes it all :)))


Como un sabio sabor.

La candidez
de los sueños
aparece silente
como el llanto
del sol cuando
viene la noche:
siento el ardor
donde vive
el pasado.

Francesco Sinibaldi

karyn 2 Like

I clicked on "this viral picture" and it took me to a pop up ad. As if this article couldn't get any worse. Really really bad, TIME, from start to finish. 


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