So This Happened: Nick Nolte’s Bright, Bizarre Premiere Look

Last night's Gangster Squad premiere in Hollywood was a star-studded, glamorous event. Nolte apparently missed the memo

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Getty Images

Last night’s Gangster Squad premiere in Hollywood was a star-studded, glamorous event. Ryan Gosling squired his mom down the red carpet, all while looking dapper in a three-piece brown suit. Emma Stone stunned in a red Lanvin dress that’d just been previewed mere hours earlier. Even Hollywood bad boy Sean Penn managed to put on a pair of clean jeans (and a seemingly intense spray tan) for the occasion. So what did co-star Nick Nolte wear? A yellow robe. That’s right. A robe. A bright yellow one.

Nolte appears to be wearing pants and a collared shirt underneath the robe, although his Grizzly Adams beard doesn’t exactly pull the outfit together. In recent years, the one-time Sexiest Man Alive doesn’t have a reputation as the most polished star in the world. Case in point: His infamous 2002 mugshot, in which he sports a Hawaiian shirt and finger-in-a-light-socket hair. But in recent years, Nolte seems to be making a Hollywood comeback. His appearance in Gangster Squad is the next step in the one time leading man’s intriguing second act, which includes an Oscar-nominated performance in 2011’s Warrior.

Here’s hoping Nolte gets back on track with his next trek down the red carpet. And that he kept the robe on inside the theater.


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