Signature Styles: Favorite Fashions of Picasso, The Beatles and Other Great Creatives

Before the days when questionable celebrity fashion and perfume lines were ubiquitous, people looked to artists, writers and musicians for style inspiration

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Serge Gainsbourg and his Gitanes were the epitome of France, alas.


I can't see that four grown men dressing in matching suits is stylish or groundbreaking fashion.

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That's very interesting about the Beatles' matching silk knit ties... but remember that as they hit the Big Time, John, Paul, George & Ringo wore what Brian Epstein advised them to wear! As you'll see from the wonderful Beatles Story exhibition in Liverpool, before then, they wore the rough gear that came most naturally to them, in the very early days, and in Hamburg!  SC Skillman, Author, Mystical Circles (romantic suspense)