Dogfish Head and Sierra Nevada Help Design IPA-Specific Beer Glass

Would you try this new beer glass?

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Dogfish Head

For India pale ale (IPA) lovers who’ve always wished for a more robust taste to their favorite drink, a new glass might just do the trick.

Dogfish Head and Sierra Nevada, both known for their IPAs, have collaborated with German glasswaremaker Spiegelau to launch a beer glass that is designed to enhance the taste of the ale, which doesn’t typically have a special vessel in the way Belgian brews and porters do.

Traditional pint glasses reportedly warm up IPAs too quickly and kill off the ale’s hops characteristics. The new design — which debuts in stores and online in April — is meant to maximize the IPA tasting experience by having a thin wall for cold retention and a slender shape to amplify the hops aroma. The wavelike ridges at the bottom also aerate the drink to balance flavors. The result? A beer that greets your taste buds with a perfect combination of creaminess, sweetness and acidity — or your regular IPA served up in a pretty neat glass.


I'm terribly sorry, but this is a load of bull. This is a wine tumbler that Riedel (Spiegelau's parent company) has been selling for years:

I received a set as a gift a few years ago, and have barely used them because they're worthless for wine. I enjoy a good IPA, so I'll have to try them for that purpose - perhaps they'll work better for beer than for their intended purpose. But this is just trying to make a few extra bucks by marketing an existing model for a new purpose, not a glass specifically designed for IPAs. And by the way, I'm no physicist, but how does a thin wall improve "cold retention." Glass is an insulator, and more glass should mean less heat loss, I would think.


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