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Whether we’re talking about a beautiful car or chair or phone or dress, style is part of its essence. Form does follow function. The design of any object is a vital part of what it is and why we care about it.

TIME has always been interested in style and design. Indeed, the magazine you’re holding is designed to reflect the importance of style. We invented the newsmagazine, which was a design for a new way to explain the world and bring it to our readers. In the newly relaunched TIME Style & Design, which evolved from the same DNA as Time, we go beyond fashion to look at advances in art and architecture, interior and automotive design, food and drink and more. In these pages, you can tour Lima with the Peruvian chef who is conquering the world, sprint through London’s exciting architectural landscape, peek inside artist Nick Cave’s Soundsuits (“wearable sculptures” that marry art and fashion) and even figure out which model of high-end headphones to take on your next long-haul flight. The idea behind these stories — and the whole issue — is that every piece will appeal not just to style mavens but also to regular readers of TIME.

Style is about vision, but it is also about choices. In addition to capturing the vision of style innovators, this issue explores the choices we all make — not only what we buy but also how we live our lives. And it offers our writers and editors the chance to use a different side of their creativity. So William Lee Adams — who has written for TIME about everything from Iceland’s economic meltdown to the spread of HIV in Romania — headed to Paris to visit the atelier of Christian Louboutin. Curious Capitalist columnist Rana Foroohar, who usually covers macroeconomic issues, traveled to Istanbul to report on the city’s thriving contemporary-art scene, which provides a lens for examining economic, social and political trends in Turkey.

This issue was superbly curated by senior editor Jessica Winter, who is also responsible for Time’s weekly culture coverage. Its exquisite design is by senior art director Emily Crawford, who thought about every square millimeter of space in the magazine. Contract photographer Peter Hapak, who took portraits of activists around the world for our most recent Person of the Year issue, shot the striking Emily Blunt cover. Senior photo editor Natalie Matutschovsky commissioned and guided all the stunning images created for this issue.

We’re delighted to be extending TIME’s horizons with Style & Design. We hope you like what you see.