What I Covet: Gold & Co.’s 24-Karat iPhone

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Courtesy of Gold & Co.

So you have an iPhone 5? Great, so do more than five million others. The sleek aluminum housing is a stylish improvement, but holding it to your ear in one of the world’s financial districts you’ll still just be one of the crowd. That’s where Gold & Co. comes in, offering perhaps the single most lavish iPhone covering available: pure 24-karat gold. If you have $4,700 and a penchant for polished metal, the officers of opulence at Gold and Co. have you dialed in. The company, based jointly in London and Dubai—two of the world’s most gold-crazy cities—have a history of layering gold on the world’s most coveted devices, having previously done it with BlackBerrys, iPads and earlier versions of the iPhone.

This time, they’re offering two distinct choices: the black iPhone wrapped in traditional 24-karat yellow gold, and the white iPhone covered in rose gold. The gold plating completely enshrouds the back and sides of the phone, but they are keen to replace one of the obscured yet crucial features of the phone: The iconic Apple logo has been re-etched into the back of each model.

The two iPhone 5 models are offered in limited-edition batches of 250—starting in Dubai—so strike now while the metal has barely had time to cool.

Gold & Co. London iPhone 5 models in rose gold and 24-karat gold, $5,100 and $4,700 respectively, by special order. Available at goldandco.co.uk.