When Sandy Leaves You Stranded: Comfort Food, London-Style

TIME's editor-at-large Bobby Ghosh sought comfort in old staples when his flight to New York City was cancelled

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Bobby Ghosh for TIME

With my flight cancelled because of the Superstorm bearing down on New York City, I sought comfort in some old staples. Nothing haute about these, but they warmed my soul.

  1. Borough Market, London. All the bangers you could possibly eat.
  2. Comfort is… Marks & Spencer spaghetti carbonara.
  3. Borough Market, London: Best damn cheese sandwich I ever ate
  4. Borough Market, London: Best damn duck sandwich I ever ate.
  5. Borough Market, London: Here’s pie in your eye.
  6. I’m not ashamed to say this is one my favorite things to eat in the¬†whole wide world.

Bobby Ghosh is an editor-at-large at TIME. Ghosh Eats documents his high-low gastronomic adventures.