Damien Hirst Brings His Famous Spots to the Brit Award Statuettes

This year's Brit Award winners will bring home trophies that double as works of art

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BRIT Awards

The Brit Awards, the British equivalent of the Grammys, revealed Thursday the Damien Hirst-designed trophies that will be awarded during the live telecast on Feb. 20. Hirst is the third British artist to dress up the blank canvas trophy. Dame Vivienne Westwood first added haute couture flair to the statuette in 2011 and Sir Peter Blake, known for album art for Sgt. Pepper’s Lonley Hearts Club Band, lent his talents last year.

Hirst was more than happy to follow in those auspicious footsteps, stating, “I am honoured to be asked to design this year’s statue, it has become such an iconic award, I love the Brits.”

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His contribution was eyed warily as many viewed him as too controversial an artist for a mainstream event. He is as known for his skulls and death motifs as he is for the widely popular dot pattern he ended up using. His spot paintings—which, at one point in 2012, simultaneously adorned 11 gallery walls—were also incorporated into the backpack collection he designed with the Olsen twins last year.

Brit Awards Chairman David Joseph echoed the positive reception. “Damien is truly one of the most important British artists and his reimagining of the statue will make winning a 2013 Brit an even more special proposition,” MTV UK reported.