Here’s What a $1.5 Million, 24-Karat Gold Dress Looks Like

Talk about some major bling

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Ever wonder what a dress made of gold looks like? Zac Posen’s new gown may just be the answer.

The fashion designer has created a 24-karat gold dress valued at $1.5 million, and it’s a definite head-turner. But what was the impetus behind the gilded number? Perhaps the Project Runway judge heard about the recent decline in gold prices?

Actually, the one-of-a-kind dress was created as a promotion for Magnum Ice Cream’s latest ice cream bar Magnum Gold?!, a vanilla bean ice cream dessert with salted caramel and covered in a golden chocolate coating, The Gloss reported.

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When called on to design a gown, Posen told Styleite that he “wanted to create something that felt like liquid gold – the ultimate glamour gown.”  The designer opted to make the dress out of gold paillettes because he thought it would look better on camera, “with the liquid quality echoing the drippiness of melting ice cream and the texture of molten gold.”

The dress is covered in more than 10,000 hand-embroidered sequins, each one handmade from sheets of 24-karat gold and laid on paillettes. And they’re technically not solid gold because it would have made the gown too heavy for anyone to wear, The Gloss pointed out.

Despite all the handwork involved, the dress took Posen about two months to make. One month to sew all the sequins on, and then another for the fittings and touch-ups. The designer said that underneath the gold paillettes, “there’s a serious couture structure, even though it looks like a bias moving dress.”

The dress made its debut in a short film entitled As Good As Gold, which features Joe Manganiello and Caroline Correra, who was fitted for the $1.5 million number and wore the dress to the Tribeca Film Festival in New York City last week.

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