The New Dubai Fashion Trend: The ‘Camel Hump’

Women are styling their hair to new heights with Snooki-like poufs underneath their headscarves

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Insy Shah / Getty Images

Women in Dubai adding extra volume to their hair underneath their headscarves are being called "Camel Heads."

The idiom “business in the front, party in the back,” may have originally referred to the mullet, but it can certainly be applied to the latest coiffures seen in Dubai.

The Wall Street Journal reported that Snooki-like poufs, dubbed the ‘camel hump,’ are trending among some young women in the United Arab Emirates city. The look originated to help hold in place women’s veils, which cover the neck and part of the head, but have since taken to new, ahem, heights. Those who have adopted the hair-raising ‘do, which also draws similarities to the ‘beehive’ that was the late Amy Winehouse’s signature, are being called “Camel Heads.”  Some women who are adding volume to their hair are rumored to even be using milk cartons to get the extra inches, The Cut noted.

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The women sporting the ‘camel hump’ see it as a way to express their individuality while otherwise enshrouded in black; one woman said, “This style is reflecting me. I’m not doing it to attract anybody. It’s just because I like it.” Others, however, consider the hairstyle a breach of social norms and Islamic teachings, and that women should dress modestly. Women in parts of the Islamic world typically wear a black “Abaya,” a robe-like dress, with a headscarf. As one gentleman notes, “A girl shouldn’t be placing a lamp post on her head to show us that her hair is long […] a girl can let her hair down and still look pretty without the party and dancing above her head.”

Is it too late to send that message to Snooki?

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