Fashion for a Cause: FEED USA Partners with Target on New Line

Lauren Bush Lauren’s FEED has teamed up with the big-box retailer to create a line of clothing and home accessories

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Sean Meszaros / Courtesy Target

Founded in 2006 by Lauren Bush Lauren, FEED is a globally-focused company whose product sales provide meals for hungry children and families around the globe. Now the organization is looking at the domestic face of hunger as it launches FEED USA in partnership with Target with a lifestyle line of over 50 items. The proceeds will benefit Feeding America, a hunger relief organization.

Products range from aprons and bakeware to shirts, bags and even bicycles. Of the casual classics, Lauren says, “I wanted it to reflect a modern Americana. It’s really fun, summery back-to-school essentials, done in a way that’s not overly designed.”

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Each FEED item has printed on it a number that signifies the number of meals donated to families as a result of the purchase, meaning that you can literally wear your altruistic heart on your sleeve. Bush aims to not only raise money but awareness as well. “I felt like it was a unique angle that I could add to the space of hunger relief, making it fun and accessible through products.”

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Courtesy FEED

The former model founded FEED with one burlap bag she designed after traveling with the World Food Programme while she was a student. Since then, FEED has provided close to 60 million meals to children in need around the globe.

In anticipation of the Target partnership, Lauren took a road trip across the country to get a grasp on the issue of hunger in America, volunteering at community food banks, soup kitchens and schools. “When you’re able to travel and interact with people, really sit down and hear about their struggles and why it is hard for them to pay for food, you can’t help but want to do something. I truly do believe that food is a human right, and the fact that it’s not a given for everyone is really why I started FEED.”

The 29-year-old Bush acknowledges that her famous family—she’s the niece of George W. Bush and granddaughter of George H.W. Bush—instilled a sense of charity in her: “In my family, public service was always something we talked about. Even when I was young, my mom started a nonprofit that helped homeless and abused children, and my dad is also very philanthropic. I do give them both a lot of credit for what I’m doing now. But I’m really happy that I’ve found my own way in it.”

Target has a long history of successful designer collaborations. The Minneapolis-based retail behemoth is also well-known for its charitable efforts—giving 5% of its profits away to communities—making them an ideal partner for FEED. Lauren points to the broad reach of the retailer, saying, “I wanted all of America to be able to help and get involved.” The line launches in Target stores nationwide on June 30.

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