We Can’t Make This Up: Ke$ha’s Phallic Jewelry Sells Out

The line matches her persona all too well

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It’s practically de rigueur for a celebrity to have a jewelry line these days, but leave it to Ke$ha to launch one so true to her brand. And it turns out staying true to yourself truly pays off: the pop star known for her crazy partying lifestyle (and the songs she sings about it—”Before I leave, brush my teeth with a bottle of Jack / Cause when I leave for the night, I ain’t coming back” goes the lyrics to her hit “Tik Tok”) has created phallic-inspired jewelry that’s already selling out.

The jewelry line, Kesha Rose By Charles Albert, includes accessories from bracelets to earrings, made of fake-gold Alchemía, which seems only fitting for a pop star who showed up to the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards in a trash bag. The line is split into a few mini-collections, including Cannibal, which is modeled after human teeth, and Warrior, featuring arrowheads and shark teeth. There’s also a collection called Grow A Pear, featuring, yes, phallic-inspired rings, necklaces and more.

The Grow A Pear items aren’t immune from the high sales, despite how tasteless some customers may find them. A penis charm pendant on a gold chain, retailing for $20, is already sold out. Thankfully, our friends at NY Magazine’s The Cut have a few essential style tips for those choosing to bare the balls. Most important: Leave that pendant at home on sunny days to avoid genitalia-shaped tan lines that will gleefully linger past your vacation week.

Of course, no one is all that surprised by Ke$ha’s eyebrow-raising designs. Her lyrics tend toward the graphic and party-ready, and she once made a headdress out of her fans’ teeth. We’re just surprised that the jewelry line doesn’t include a Jesus pendant after her hit song “We R Who We R” included the claim: “No, you don’t wanna mess with us / Got Jesus on my necklace.” Well, Ke$ha?