British Designer Debuts $5.7 Million Dress

Debbie Wingham's gown is adorned with 25 2-carat rare black diamonds

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Ed Wright

Fashion Weeks are dazzling spectacles that disperse ideas for mainstream designers and brands to reinterpret; they’re not known for showcasing clothing that’s necessarily practical. The latest example: British designer Debbie Wingham’s $5.7 million Little Black Dress, which is adorned with 25 2-carat rare black diamonds. With all that bling, the gown weighs a hefty 29 pounds, and Wingham spent more than six months hand-sewing the outfit.

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Wingham debuted the one-of-a-kind dress at Kiev Fashion Week this month, but it’s not the only diamond piece she offers. The designer will soon launch diamond-studded jeans, which come with white and black diamond buttons as well as 14-carat white gold stitching. The official price hasn’t been announced, but we can’t even begin to imagine how many times you’d have to wear them to get your money’s worth.