London’s Selfridges To Launch Drive-Thru Service

Shopping for fashion is about to get a lot easier for Londoners

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Stephen Swintek / Stephen Swintek

Fashion might be many things, but one thing it’s typically not is convenient.

Shopping for fashion, however, is about to get a lot easier for Londoners. The British luxury retail giant Selfridges has announced that they’re developing a new drive-thru service for their flagship store. Known as click and collect, the service will allow customers to order products online and pick them up at their convenience. The company is outfitting their famous Oxford Street location with a drive-thru lane at the back of the shop where customers will be able to pull in and have their pre-selected Prada or Pucci handed to them without ever having to leave the car.

While the new service isn’t up and running yet – Simon Forster, Selfridges’ multi-channel director tells the London Evening Standard that they’re hoping to launch early next year – customers can pre-order their items and collect them in-store in the meantime. Of course, the company already offers home delivery for items purchased at and online shopping has gone a long way in upping the ease factor of filling your closet. Yet even the savviest e-shopper knows that there are times when home delivery just won’t do. Think waiting around for the delivery person or paying extra for express shipping.

The buy and collect option aims to streamline the process, allowing customers to peruse products at their leisure online and pick-up their selections when it fits their schedule. And according to Forster, customers can expect the same level of service they’re already accustomed to inside Selfridges’ walls. “It will not just be the first drive-through service, it will be the best.”

Your move, Barneys.