Optical Profusion

Brilliant color? Check. Bold graphics? Check. Fierce It girls? Check and double-check. Exuberant and optimistic, this season's fashion may have ideal ambassadors in London-based multiplatform players Bip and Evangeline Ling

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Evangline Ling, 16
English literature in school, painting and drawing at home with her fashion-illustrator mom Tanya. “I get the best teaching from her.”

Taking a Break From
Fencing at the national level for England, to focus on modeling and acting.

Secret Passion
“I recently got into chess. It sounds really nerdy, but it helped my concentration when I was fencing. Fencing is like high-speed chess in the ways in which you’ve got to form moves ahead.”

Musical Talents
“I play the guitar and a bit of piano and the bass.”

Style Icon
“I admire Katharine Hepburn because she wore things that were a bit big for her, and it still looked so chic and stylish.”

Bip Ling, 23
Spends Her Time
Flaunting her quirky aesthetic on her popular fashion blog, modeling, deejaying and writing a children’s book about her cartoon character Mooch.

Personal Style
British Museum chic. “When I’m putting an outfit on, I think, Would I be happy to wear this in a museum if I’m going to see my favorite artist? Every occasion is a special occasion.”

Creative Fantasy
“I could easily be locked up in a studio for a year and paint canvases and just make art. That would be a dream.”

Aging Gracefully
“I really do enjoy getting older because the relationships I make with people—as time goes on, it gets more precious and exciting. I have more history with my friends and more things to laugh about.”

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