Capitol Style: Costume Couture from the The Hunger Games Sequel

Leaked “Capitol portraits” of the sequel’s stars show characters in their most formal—and runway-ready—costumes

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In honor of the 75th Hunger Games, the government of Panem has released Capitol portraits of some of the country’s most fashionable celebrities, including victors, escorts, mentors and stylists, on the Tumblr blog Capitol Couture.

Capitol Couture is a real blog. But, alas, the above scenario is fictional, a promotional idea from Lionsgate and The Hunger Games movie series. Catching Fire, the second film from the series, doesn’t hit theaters until late fall (Nov. 22), but Lionsgate has decided to build excitement for fans by re-launching Capitol Couture, which served as a fashion and beauty blog for the first Hunger Games film. The blog has leaked “Capitol portraits” of the sequel’s star characters in their most formal—and runway-ready—costumes from wardrobe designer Trish Summerville (The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo). You can also find the Capitol Couture photos on Instagram and Facebook page.

Herewith, a few of our favorites:

Effie Trinket (Elizabeth Banks), escort of the District 12 tributes, wears “an exploding silhouette of chiffon and organza blooms,” according to Capitol Couture. The red ensemble is from Alexander McQueen’s fall 2012 collection—as are her golden horse-shoe platform boots. Along with her gloves, arm candy and pink wig, Effie is the epitome of flashy Capitol fashion.

Katniss Everdeen (Jennifer Lawrence), victor of the 74th Games, is wearing a wedding gown by Indonesian designer Tex Saverio. This dress is also made of layers of chiffon and organza, in a long, billowing skirt (perfect for her twirling scene onstage with Caesar Flickerman, host of the Hunger Games). The intricate “metal cage” on the bodice is clad with Swarovski crystals, with pieces rising up to represent flames, appropriate for “The Girl on Fire,” Summerville tells The Hollywood Reporter. The feathers on the bodice are symbolic of Katniss becoming the “Mockingjay.” Holding a white rose, she looks lovely and angelic.

Johanna Mason (Jena Malone), a victor participating in the third Quarter Quell and new to the Hunger Games series, looks fierce, though this conservative, vintage-looking dress does not really reflect her more “free” personality (spoiler: after the Hunger Games opening ceremonies in Catching Fire, she strips off her tree costume in front of “pure” Katniss). No word from Summerville on who designed the gown.

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