City Guides

Tokyo: 10 Things to Do

Tokyo is not a pretty city, not by conventional standards. Beauty comes unexpectedly here, on delicate dessert plates, in precisely timed bullet trains, in the way modern living meets old-fashioned manners. You just have to know …

Nairobi: 10 Things to Do

By day, Nairobi is the hectic, cosmopolitan hub of East Africa; by night, it’s a malaria-free city of cool evenings and quiet tropical gardens, best enjoyed with a cool Tusker beer.

Lima: 10 Things to Do

Travelers often bypass Peru’s sprawling megacapital for other destinations within the country. They’re missing out. Among Lima’s many claims to fame: world-class cuisine. And the best pisco sours this side of the Andes.

Portland: 10 Things to Do

Portland is one of those towns where it’s cool to be a tourist because all the fun things visitors do are the same awesome things locals do. Visiting Portland is about diving into today’s lifestyle, not staring at the monuments …

Paris: 10 Things to Do

It’s in the trademark flair of passersby, in the city’s celebrated cafés and in the bookstalls lining the Seine that you’ll find Paris’s defining spirit. Even at street-level, City of Lights rises far above its own hype.

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