City Guides

Singapore: 10 Things to Do

Singapore effortlessly combines financial clout, a well-oiled infrastructure, gleaming skyscrapers, a standard of living that’s the envy of the region, seriously good shopping and amazingly good food.

San Francisco: 10 Things to Do

If there’s any city in America more splendid than San Francisco, I’ve yet to see it. Approaching it from the Golden Gate Bridge is like parachuting into a gorgeous, sun-baked seashell. So if you’ve got time to burn here, you’re …

Los Angeles: 10 Things to Do

I love L.A. I’m one of the few people who moved here from New York and liked it right away, but even I have to admit L.A. isn’t a city. It’s more like 20 tiny cities, each totally different and exciting in its own way. Which is …

New York City: 10 Things to Do

Perhaps the late actor and monologist Spalding Gray described New York City best when, explaining why he moved here, he said, “I knew I couldn’t live in America and I wasn’t ready to move to Europe so I moved to an island off the …

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