City Guides

Prague: 10 Things to Do

From discothèques in old Soviet bunkers to churches decorated with human bones, Prague revels in its diverse past. Take a spin in the Czech Republic’s delightful capital

Stockholm: 10 Things to Do

Stockholm is a cluster of jewel-like islands, and its long, light-filled days make summer the ideal time for your raid. Here’s where to find the choicest spoils.

Dubai: 10 Things to Do

Why visit Dubai? Because it’s upscale, audacious and fascinating. Because while Dubai’s not everything it’s cracked up to be, if you know where to go, there are some great things to see and do. And, perhaps most important, so you …

Beijing: 10 Things to Do

With her broad boulevards, miles of faceless ministries and towering office blocks, Beijing can seem more forbidding than Forbidden. But behind its haughty facade, the city has plenty of hidden human-scale gems to be enjoyed by …

Washington: 10 Things to Do

D.C. is a lot like L.A.: a one-industry town crowded with self-important strivers and groupies, fractured by poverty and race. But that’s where the analogy ends. More than in any other city, people here care about problems beyond …

Shanghai: 10 Things to Do

Most Chinese will sniff and say Shanghai isn’t really China. That’s true. China is ancient and eastern. Shanghai is a young city that flowered only under western occupation. In its heyday it was a global capital, and today …

Moscow: 10 Things to Do

Moscow is drunk on Moscow. The newly emerging Moscow is arrogant, fierce, frenetic and always — always — ready to have a very good time. There may be a lot of churches in this megalopolis, but there’s no God.

Rome: 10 Things to Do

Depending on the day or the neighborhood, or whether the store clerk had an espresso, you may get trounced by big-city chaos or paralyzed by provincial languor. The trick in the eternal city is to hurry up and get the most out of …

Hong Kong: 10 Things to Do

That Hong Kong is one-third of the contraction “Nylonkong” (for New York, London and Hong Kong) should tell you everything. Here is a sleepless hub of the world economy, a glittering cosmopolis, one of the engines of human affairs.

Seoul: 10 Things to Do

Long in the shadow of ritzy Tokyo and rising Beijing, Seoul is an enigma to foreigners, known mostly as the city where protesters run amok and U.S soldiers do a tour of duty. But for Koreans, this city of 10 million is the place …

London: 10 Things to Do

While globalization has sprinkled Starbucks and other avatars of American retailing along most of London’s main streets, you’ll still find the authentic city in the small markets, boutiques and family-run pubs and cafes that …

Chicago: 10 Things to Do

The writer and city native Nelson Algren once said about this inimitably complex and contradictory town: “Loving Chicago is like loving a woman with a broken nose.” Well, at least she’s got a mighty fine lakefront and a nice set of parks.

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