Seoul: 10 Things to Do

Long in the shadow of ritzy Tokyo and rising Beijing, Seoul is an enigma to foreigners, known mostly as the city where protesters run amok and U.S soldiers do a tour of duty. But for Koreans, this city of 10 million is the place …

London: 10 Things to Do

While globalization has sprinkled Starbucks and other avatars of American retailing along most of London’s main streets, you’ll still find the authentic city in the small markets, boutiques and family-run pubs and cafes that …

Chicago: 10 Things to Do

The writer and city native Nelson Algren once said about this inimitably complex and contradictory town: “Loving Chicago is like loving a woman with a broken nose.” Well, at least she’s got a mighty fine lakefront and a nice set of parks.

Singapore: 10 Things to Do

Singapore effortlessly combines financial clout, a well-oiled infrastructure, gleaming skyscrapers, a standard of living that’s the envy of the region, seriously good shopping and amazingly good food.

San Francisco: 10 Things to Do

If there’s any city in America more splendid than San Francisco, I’ve yet to see it. Approaching it from the Golden Gate Bridge is like parachuting into a gorgeous, sun-baked seashell. So if you’ve got time to burn here, you’re …

Los Angeles: 10 Things to Do

I love L.A. I’m one of the few people who moved here from New York and liked it right away, but even I have to admit L.A. isn’t a city. It’s more like 20 tiny cities, each totally different and exciting in its own way. Which is …

New York City: 10 Things to Do

Perhaps the late actor and monologist Spalding Gray described New York City best when, explaining why he moved here, he said, “I knew I couldn’t live in America and I wasn’t ready to move to Europe so I moved to an island off the …

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