A Cool Customer

Emily Blunt and fashion first got to know each other on the set of ‘The Devil Wears Prada’. Now a red-carpet regular with three movies in the pipeline, Blunt models some of this season’s boldest looks for TIME

About TIME Style & Design

Whether we’re talking about a beautiful car or chair or phone or dress, style is part of its essence. Form does follow function. The design of any object is a vital part of what it is and why we care about it.

TIME has …

Tokyo: 10 Things to Do

Tokyo is not a pretty city, not by conventional standards. Beauty comes unexpectedly here, on delicate dessert plates, in precisely timed bullet trains, in the way modern living meets old-fashioned manners. You just have to know …

Nairobi: 10 Things to Do

By day, Nairobi is the hectic, cosmopolitan hub of East Africa; by night, it’s a malaria-free city of cool evenings and quiet tropical gardens, best enjoyed with a cool Tusker beer.

Lima: 10 Things to Do

Travelers often bypass Peru’s sprawling megacapital for other destinations within the country. They’re missing out. Among Lima’s many claims to fame: world-class cuisine. And the best pisco sours this side of the Andes.

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